About myself

I am the creator and manager of Klubok, a non-profit organisation, working with Russian-speaking families in Finland since 2011 I am 37 years old. For the last 14 years I have lived in Helsinki. Finland is my third country. Firstly, there was Belarus, where I was born and graduated from primary and secondary school, then Russia, where I studied at university and worked before being married. I have two sons. My free time I spend with my family and friends. I like to read, ride a bike in the summer and ski in the winter. 

Work experience

Being a sociologist and teacher by my education I am actively interested in how Finnish society works. Being a foreigner, I worry about migrant´s adaptation, integration, employment, and support. My diploma work in the University of Helsinki was about soft integration. Also in my interests are the issues of education and building good relations and maintaining dialogue between people. During the last 10 years I have managed an organisation, which supports Russian speaking families. Also I have experience of work with families in crisis, people with chronical diseases (”Hyvnvointia yhteisvoimin” project, 2018-2020). I teach adults, helping immigrants to adapt to life in a new country. I organise volunteer work, focusing on issues of self-realization and involvement in public life. Occasionally, I speak about Finland on the international stage, sharing successful experiences of the social system and work practices in our country.

 What I can do

I have many years of experience working with foreigners in Finland. Knowing how the system works helps you help people integrate into a new society, making their life more comfortable with a strong focus on their well-being. Understanding the needs and problems of immigrants helps you support them when support is needed. Helping people to use their skills, knowledge and potential is a necessary component of being part of a new country. My own experience and experience of working with people over the years helps me to do my job well. I am for understanding and contact between community and government and city services. I believe in services for everyone, that opportunities are equal, that the government can hear and consider everyone´s opinion. In being involved in this sector for more than a decade, I have helped non-profit organisations to do their work correctly and productively, helping them develop high quality service, a good reputation, and contacts at city level.

My values

I think every person is valuable regardless of what language he or she speaks and what social status he/she has. The people are the most important resource of any community. Families, regardless of their compositions, are the focus of my work. The well-being of the children in our society depends on the adults in that society Adults not only need to understand the society they live in but their own place in that society. Knowing the way immigrants join into Finnish society, I am able to make their journey lighter, clearer and more understandable. People can build their own lives in Finland especially if they are proactively included in the process. I applaud how the finish government focuses on the welfare of the people and the progress they have made. I know there is much more to do.

Municipal elections 2021

Participation in municipal elections for the Christian Democrats party was a logical continuation of my many years of activity. The values of the party are in line with my personal values and the values of the organization I managed. I want to represent Russian-speaking immigrants at the city level, to be the voice of people who once, like me, made the difficult decision to change their lives. I know that Finland is a worthy European country, which today is open to people of different cultures, with different views and needs. Understanding this and building a dialogue, you will achieve good results. I believe that together we can do a great deal!